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    Periodontal disease may be caused by a combination of several factors and the following questions are designed to help us identify them. The success of therapy is dependent upon this. Therefore, although some of the following questions may seem unrelated to your periodontal condition, they are all associated with proper management of your oral health.

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    Has your general health changed in the past year?Has your weight changed in the past year?Have you ever had any serious illness or major operations?Have you had abnormal bleeding associated with previous tooth extraction, surgery, or trauma?Do you heal slowly?Have you ever had any allergies? (food, dust, drugs, fur, latex, etc.)?

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    Do you consider yourself a nervous person?Have you ever been warned against taking any drug or medicine?Have you ever had an asthmatic attach?Are you ever short of breath or have chest pains after mild exertion?Do your ankles swell?Are you thirsty much of the time?Do you have a persistent cough or do you cough up blood?Do you consider yourself a nervous person?Have you ever had surgery or treatment for a tumour or growth of your head, mouth, or lips?

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